Fashion show in Surat

07/06/2012 17:01


Institute of design and technology after the hard work of 2.5 years this is the time when all their great work has paid off completely as this is the time when they finally are going to show their designs and hard work to all the people around. IDT has conducted many different shows before also for kids and also for adults and for old people as well and now they are organizing a theme based show that is the Fashionova 2012 which is the biggest show by IDT. Institute of design and technology is coming up with a new theme show that is the Fashionova 2012 that we all are looking forward too.


The main theme of this fashion show is to make every ordinary day in to extraordinary. They want to make everything and everyday special and that is what Fashionova 2012 theme is all about. This show is happening in a great hotel that is the gateway hotel in Surat on 9th June 2012. So if you are looking forward to explore some new talent which is great indeed then don’t forget to check out this well Fashion show in Surat organized shown on 9th June 2012 it is going to be fun.