Fashionova 2012

07/06/2012 17:00


In 2.5 years everything done and all the hard work that institute of design and technology has paid off completely and finally they are ready to present their collection and their work in Fashionova 2012 that is coming soon. In a very short time IDT has made things go so smooth and creates name of its own. They have done so many different shows for so many different age people. . IDT has conducted many social activities, campaigns, factory visits, fashion show for our senior citizens named “old is gold”, fashion show for kids named “Juvenile Jalwa” and so on, in which students activity participated and showcased their knowledge, creativity, designs in all the aspects respectively. Their all activities are very well performed and have created a make and they have mesmerized everyone with their hard work.


Institute of design and technology is coming up with a new theme show that is the Fashionova 2012 that we all are looking forward too. The main theme of this fashion show is to make every ordinary day in to extraordinary. They want to make your everything and everyday special and that is what Fashionova 2012 theme is all about.