Get Admission in Fashion Design Institute

16/07/2012 18:10

My daughter is very interested in fashion designing and I have decided to fulfill her wish to become a fashion designer.  For this, I was in search of a good fashion design institute, where her talent could be explored.
Recently, I came to know that this institute encourages their students a lot and through fashion show, they bring the designs made by the faculty, staff and students in front of the world. A recent show conducted by them is FASHIONOVA 2012, which I had visited and I was amazed by the various designs worn by their models.  From this show, I could make up that the teachers teach well and support their students in bringing out their talent.

This institute also conducts various shows for senior citizens, teenagers and kids and is known in the fashion world.  Through the fashion show I visited, I am sure that after her studies in this institution her career will be well shaped and she will be a good and known fashion designer and thus, I had ended my search for a good institute.

I have decided to take admission of my daughter in this fashion design institute only.