IDT Institute for Fashion & Interior Designing In Surat

25/08/2012 14:38

I have heard a lot about IDT Institute Surat regarding their teaching style,support and the treatment they give to their students.

They consider students as most important part of them and believe in team building.They always work in group and interactive sessions are there,through which each and everyone can exchange their ideas.

The support and the togetherness as well as their talent and ability to work as a team is well understood by those who have seen FAHIONOVA 2012 organized by them in June.Within a short span of three months for summer,students were given various themes for varying occasions and the students,with the help of their faculties,did come out with very good designs and each and every design did steal the show.Students consisting of first year and second year Diploma Batch of IDT–IIFT were the designers for this show.The show was a success.

After the FASHIONOVA 2012, in July,IDT has also conducted INTERIOR 2012.This show is meant for interior designing products and this too was a success.

Of course for students,talent is necessary but the focus given by the teachers of IDT Institute Surat helps them a lot.