Join Fashion Design Institute, Surat

17/08/2012 16:57

A dream come true is everyone’s wish and my daughter’s wish was to join fashion designing course at a fashion design institute, Surat as she didn’t like to stay away from home.  We live in Surat itself and therefore, there is no need of staying in a hostel.

Seeing the trend since past few years of large number of students waiting in queue to find if they have got admission in this institute had made it doubtful whether it is possible to get her admitted, but she was confident of her creativity and her desire to become a good fashion designer was also very strong, because of which she did become a student of the institute.  Already she is a hardworking girl and now getting admission in an institute near her house has boost her spirit a lot, after all she had succeeded hundreds of students during the interview.

She always praises the faculties there for their support in making them understand in depth and also the chances given to students by way of designing the clothes, which the modelers wear during the fashion show.

Truly, fashion designing institute Surat is a boon for us as it will shape my child’s future well.