Studies in Fashion Designing Institute

04/08/2012 10:57

In whatever field you are interested, if there is passion then you are sure to succeed, may it be in studies or in any other field like fashion designing, dancing, music etc.  My daughter is having great passion for fashion designing and had decided that she will take admission in fashion design institute only.

We never stand against her wishes as we always give importance to what she like, may it be studies or any other wish of hers.  I approached many fashion designing institutes as well as searched on net to find which fashion designing institute was good and at the same time affordable.

I came across this institute and as I knew that they had arranged a fashion show in the month of June, I along with my daughter went to the FASHIONOVA 2012 fashion show and she liked the designs worn by the models.  The dresses of these models are designed by the faculty, staff and students of the institute and they are very cooperative with each other.

After the fashion show, when we returned home, my daughter told that she wants to take admission in that fashion design institute and I readily agreed as I was completely satisfied by the show and my child’s future.