Want to learn Interior Designing – Join Interior Designing Institute at Surat

03/09/2012 14:14


Decorating a house is a passion for everyone. When I bought a new one in Surat and was getting its interior designed, my son told that he too wished to be an interior designer. I didn’t take it seriously and thought that he was just saying it, but as he grew up his determination became firm and he told that after 12th he would like to take admission in Interior Designing Institute Surat.

I have enquired about the institute and have found that they educate their students well, support them and arrange shows to bring their talent in front of the world. With the shows arranged by them, students get a chance to shape their career and develop confidence even before beginning their career.

What else do we want?

I have visited their show “INTERIOR 2012” held in July and it was well accepted by all the visitors. Everyone who attended was full of praise for the show.

Now, I have full confidence in them and have decided that nest year, I will take his admission in this Interior Designing institute Surat as per his will.