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One of the Best Fashion Design institute Surat

15/09/2012 16:31
I recently made a survey of various fashion design institutes in India and have found that Fashion Designing Institute, Surat is one of the best one. The reason behind this survey is that my sister wanted to join a fashion design institute. She is very close to us and is difficult for us to...

Institute of Design and Technology in Surat

14/09/2012 10:50
As the name suggests, Institute of Design and Technology [IDT Institute Surat]I is one of the best institutes for Fashion Designing and Interior Designing not only in Gujarat but also in India. Within a short span of its inception, the institute has developed a lot and attained a good name...

Make Future With Interior Designing Institute Surat

13/09/2012 15:57
I have taken my admission in Interior Designing Institute Surat after completing my 12th Standard. I opted for distance learning course. From childhood itself, each and everyone has a dream about their future about what they would like to become when they are young. Some strive to achieve...

Get Admission in Fashion Design Institute Surat

13/09/2012 12:16
I am currently doing my fashion designing diploma course and am in the second year now. Last year, I had searched a lot to find the best fashion design institute. Surat was the preferable location and I was lucky enough to get my admission in the Institute of Design and Technology. Many...

Fashion Design Careers

07/09/2012 17:11
A career in fashion designing is one of the most promising prospects in today’s world. It is also one of the most rewarding careers as designs by well-known designers are worn by the rich and famous and are considered a status symbol. Since this career is all about creativity, it enhances a...

Fashion Designing Institute In Surat

06/09/2012 17:03
Fashion Designing Institute Surat imparts knowledge to their students in the field of fashion designing. This institute has very dedicated and helpful staff, who are always ready to support their students in learning and designing the best clothes.She was interested in fashion designing and...

Interest in Designing Courses

06/09/2012 11:02
If you have interest in designing courses,may it be interior designing course or fashion designing course,IDT Institute Surat is the best option.They have different types of diploma courses and for different period.It can be for one year, three year etc. This institute is very affectionate...

Want to learn Interior Designing – Join Interior Designing Institute at Surat

03/09/2012 14:14
  Decorating a house is a passion for everyone. When I bought a new one in Surat and was getting its interior designed, my son told that he too wished to be an interior designer. I didn’t take it seriously and thought that he was just saying it, but as he grew up his determination...

Why Choose Interior Design Courses?

01/09/2012 12:09
They are widely available in all areas of India these days but before you look at them on an individual basis, you need to seriously think about what you want to achieve from the course. Few people look for  interior designing  courses in India unless they actually want to embark on...

Best Fashion Designing Institute in Surat

31/08/2012 12:08
  Institute of Design and Technology bring you the best fashion designingcourse at your door step now. Now the best fashion Design course is available in Surat. This course teaches you core concepts of Fashion and also teaches you to design and put all their efforts in shaping you...
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